Amy-Kate Wych

Wandering and wonderment

Hello new friend, welcome to my personal blog.

This place is my own little internet mind dump; an outlet for my inextinguishable urge to write and create.

Generally my interests lie with interior design, art, travel, healthy lifestyles and the gym. Conversely I also have a long-standing love for desserts and baking; if you can’t find me I’m probably snuffling a batch of cookies I just made!

There are other places you can find me, like LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

My winter challenge; learning new tricks

Next year Rob and I hope to take some extended time out to tour France and Italy much further. We're hoping to see Nice, Cannes, Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan to name but a few. Therefore, my ability to say hello and order alcohol is only going to get me so far (probably just drunk).

Review, calories and nutritional values: Quorn vs chicken - can it sway a meat lover?

I have an ongoing life-long love affair with red meat but I also LOVE trying new foods. It dawned on me that to my knowledge I've never knowingly had Quorn so it seemed like a good place to start.
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MyProtein Sugar Free Syrup Review - Maple, Coffee, Chocolate and Butterscotch flavours

I've tried many sugar free syrups in my time like Waldens, Skinny Syrups, Starbucks and random own brands I come across so I'm interested to see how MyProtein stacks up.