For me 28th May 2017 was a special day, it marked one whole year since my escape.

My escape from irrationality, unnecessary expense and an almost certain oncoming plague of illness.

My escape from clock watching, irritability and late night trips to 24 hour shops.

Stockholm syndrome convincing me that I enjoyed it, it made me feel better.


It took me a while to realise that cigarettes were truly keeping me captive. Sure, sometimes they felt like a great release, a little break, a moment to think and chat with friends; a social bond.

But really, I was a slave to a rolled up piece of paper with a bunch of cut up leaves. And frankly I felt quite ridiculous for that fact.

If you’re anything like me you’ll have already tried everything, you’ve convinced yourself nothing works and you just can’t do it, you just need the right time.

So, I made this a challenge, who is going to win here, you and your mind or the rolled up paper sticks in your pocket?

I kept cigarettes with me for 6 months, and sure I wanted them some days but I managed to refrain. Then one day I realised I hadn’t even thought about them and I chucked them out. It was a bizarre feeling!

I don’t need to tell you the long list of benefits again, but if you’re a smoker and deep down you want to quit, forget everything else, just challenge your mind to win!

Amy-Kate 🙂

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