It’s been a long while since I posted anything much about my diet and training so I thought I’d write a small update of what I am doing at the moment.

I’ve dieted down reasonably successfully in the past (at a hobby level) but I feel like I have never really pushed that hard to get to a more optimum level of physique. I don’t think that’s necessarily laziness, more so a lack of knowledge and nothing to keep myself accountable to.

So this year I’ve taken on the challenge of a 12 week prep with Super Heavy Weight bodybuilder Laurie Carr at Performance PT. I’m not intending on doing any shows so this is not a contest prep but I am treating it as though it were and throwing myself whole-heartedly at the whole experience.

I’m halfway through this 12 week prep and I hope to do a final update at the end too.

Knuckling down

I’m on a balanced macro diet split across 6 meals, which I feel quite comfortable with and the food choices Laurie has given me are really quite palatable.

I am 5 weeks deep, no cheat so far (refeed whatever you want to label it). To be honest before I started this I definitely didn’t think I’d have a cat in hell’s chance of adhering to something so strict – I’m just a bit of a wet blanket – but alas I have surprised myself!

Sure, I’ve had wobbles every now and again where I go all Kevin and Perry, and decide life is not fair, and that I just want a burger. But generally speaking its been OK and I’m not struggling too much with cravings – though I did have a rather long dream about eating toast the other night…

I think you just get so deep in to it that you reach a level of acceptance. At the end of it all doughnuts will always be there for you, there’s no rush, you just need to stick it out.

Results so far

So 5 weeks in I’m on a nice healthy weight loss rate:

  • I’ve lost 2.4kg (5lbs) in overall bodyweight
  • Around 6% loss in bodyfat

Has a coach helped?

Laurie terrifies me, not in “argh” scary way, but in “I really don’t want to let my coach down” kind of way. It’s definitely been really helpful for me to have someone and something to be accountable to.

Laurie’s clients all have access to a tracking app which nudges you every day to let Laurie know how you’re getting on and reminds you when you need to do progress photos and weigh ins and the like. I find this a really useful tactic to make sure I’m staying on plan and on track,  I do have a slight competitive streak and this adds a level of gamification so this works for me.

I’ve also been having PT sessions with Laurie where we’ve really been concentrating on my form. I’ve found this instrumental to overhauling my training which had really become stagnant through my own fault. He’s got me to forget about ego lifting and concentrate on tweaks to my technique and I can definitely feel a huge difference in the efficiency of the exercise movements because of this.

I’m also very lucky to have Rob who is very supportive and makes sure I get through my wobbles! And an awesome training partner Kim who assures me I still have my marbles.

So overall, a positive experience so far and I’m looking forward to seeing where I can get in the next 6 weeks!


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