I recently completed a 12 week transformation with Laurie Carr at Performance PT Gym in Lincoln – as some of you will already know from social media and this blog!

I wrote at length about how I was feeling really quite sh*t nearer the end of the diet – which is something I’m sure every dieter can relate to. Today I received the images from my photoshoot – the pinnacle of my challenge.

Looking back now I am so gratified with the experience and contented that I pushed myself as hard as I did; I know I really gave this every ounce of my soul. My body isn’t perfect and there’s definitely things I still want to work on. However, I am exceedingly chuffed that I managed to get the best out of it even just for these few hours!

So for those that are interested here they are… (not being an ego monster the comparisons are watermarked so I don’t end up on some fat loss pill website!).

For me this was about getting myself to the absolute best condition of my life. As a childless 27 year old I had most cards on my side.

I figured if not now, then when?

I don’t consider myself anything special, there’s nothing about my mind or body that sets me apart from any other human I know – going in to this I really wasn’t sure what my end result would be. Did I have enough muscle? Would I look like a string bean? Will my bum ever look good?

In the end, none of that really mattered, because I did what I set out to; I finished the challenge. I got through it, I didn’t miss a meal, I didn’t miss a cardio session and I didn’t miss a training session.

That surprised me to be quite honest, I’m just a normal girl, working a normal 9 to 5, who hates running and likes chocolate. I don’t consider myself to be athletic or sporty. I suppose the biggest thing I’ve learnt, is that you don’t have to stay within the boxes you contain yourself in… if you dare venture out you can surprise yourself.

So what now?

I set myself out a reverse diet, which to completely honest has been a complete fail as I’ve only achieved around 60% adherence. That said the last two weeks I’ve really enjoyed socialising with friends, family and my boys so I’ve allowed myself that.

I know I will rein the food back in over the next few weeks in the lead up to our holiday. Then for me it’s about devising strategies and plans that help me maintain a generally healthy and happy lifestyle. Preferably one that includes cake, doughnuts and cookies – and probably plenty of countryside walks too ;-).


P.S I genuinely wholeheartedly (as in they HAVE NOT paid me to say this!!) 100% recommend Laurie and Performance PT and Gym – if you’re interesting in getting fit or have a health or fitness goal I urge you to get in touch with these guys and see what they can do for you!

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