I consider myself somewhat of a protein powder connoisseur. I feel like I’ve tried the majority of brands out there but for some reason or another I nearly always come back to MyProtein Impact Whey, for me and my goals it ticks all the boxes.

However there are definitely some good and some bad flavours (peanut cookie I’m looking at you) and thus I thought it’d be good to drop you my 2 pennies on what I think is worth your GBP before you dive in.

My run down of the top best tasting MyProtein powders!

1. Chocolate smooth

The absolute number one. You cannot go wrong with ye olde chocolate smooth. I always have a bag of this in the cupboard. If you like chocolate buy this one first before you venture in to the other chocolate variants. You won’t be disappointed!

2. Cinnamon danish

Now I’m a bit obsessed with this flavour I absolutely adore cinnamon, and er pastries, so for me this is an absolute winner! If like me you’re a cinnamon fan you have to give this one a go BUT be advised it is an acquired taste, so get a sample before you get a big bag.

3. White chocolate

Some people are really not a fan of the white chocolate but I actually really like it because it’s so mild and inoffensive. I find this is a good protein powder to use as an ingredient for protein based recipes – if you’re making protein pancakes and such like this might be the one!

4. Golden Syrup

I can’t be the only person who religiously had Ready Brek with golden syrup as a kid? Go all 1990s with this protein powder and some morning oats. If you like nostalgia, or you just like golden syrup then this flavour is another safe bet. It’s sweet and perfectly palatable.

5. Sticky Toffee Pudding

This is a relatively new flavour to my arsenal, but it was love at first bite. I feel like some people may find this one a little on the sickly side. I’m a sugar monster so I have no issues, but for that reason sticky toffee slides in at number 5.

So I hope that helps you fellow protein powder converts!

Let me know how you get on and if you’ve got a protein powder you think I need to try recommend me in the comments!