If you’re anything like me imma bet you love a little chocolate treat every now and again! Thing is though, your average chocolate bar lingers around the 200 to 300 calories mark.

Whilst my love of chocolate is great, so too is my love of food. I can’t help but feel I could be having something a bit more filling for 300 cals.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a cut a chocolate bar in half and keep the other half for later kinda girl. Nor can I ever just have one biscuit.

So, I want to have my chocolate treats and eat hem too. How do we do this?

For me the best tactic is by having something chocolately but low calorie whenever the moment doth take me. It needs to be quick and convenient so I can extinguish that craving before it turns in to a full on chocathon.

Thankfully there are quite a few 100 calorie ish chocolate products in most supermarkets, you’ve just gotta know where to look!

In order to be worth of listing, each item on the list below is:

  • Widely available on UK high streets or supermarkets
  • Chocolate based on containing
  • Around 100 calories or less!

List of low calorie chocolate treats (thank me later)…

Item of chocolatey goodnessCalories (kcals)Where from?
Kinnerton Milk Chocolate Lolly (22g)53Tesco/Sainsburys
ASDA Chosen By You Milk Chocolate Buttons (30g)79Asda
Shapers Chocolate Mint Nougat Bar (25g)
ASDA Chosen By You White Chocolate Buttons (30g)82Asda
Shapers Strawberry Nougat Bar (23g)85Boots
Tesco Choco Snap Bar (20g)89Tesco
SlimFast Heavenly Chocolate Delight Snack Bar (24g)95Boots/Tesco
Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Chocolate Bar
95All good supermarkets
SlimFast Chocolate Nutty Nougat Snack Bar (25g)95Boots/Tesco
Cadbury Dairy Milk Little Bar (18g)96All good supermarkets
Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Caramel Chocolate Bar (19.5g)

97All good supermarkets
Kit Kat 2 Finger Milk Chocolate (20.8)104All good supermarkets
Cadbury Chomp Chocolate Bar
109All good supermarkets
Cadbury Fudge Chocolate Bar (25.5g)114All good supermarkets
Mcvities Penguin Cookie And Cream Cake Crunchies 116All good supermarkets
Barny Chocolate Filling (sponge) (30G)119All good supermarkets (baby food section)

I know saving cals for chocolate is a definite daily struggle for some of you so I’ve no doubt you’ve got a few of your own chocolate crutches that get you through. If you have a suggestion or a go to chocolate crutch, let me know!