MyProtein Limited Edition Flavours!

So this week I noticed MyProtein had released some limited edition flavours. As I’ve mentioned previously, sometimes MyProtein products completely hit the mark and I’m always a little dubious of “special” flavours of anything as I generally speaking they tend to be a bit naff.

Nonetheless, I ordered 200g bags of the Pistachio and the Marzipan Impact Whey Limited Edition protein powders so I could give them a go.

Verdict: Texture,Taste and Smell

Opening the bag the first thing I took in was the smell. It does not smell like marzipan. I was 100% ready to be disappointed.

Undeterred, I put a scoop in with my normal proats (oats and egg whites). The mixability was as good as always with the Impact Whey and it had a slight yellow colour but not overly strong in appearance.

I was ready for this to be a complete fail – grimacing as the first spoonful went in.

Hey, oh, woah there, STOP THE PRESS!

The Marzipan flavour just completely won me over; love at first sight, marry me now, soulmates #forever.

This is such a nice flavour and bang on the money, it tastes exactly like Marzipan!

I couldn’t even contain my excitement to let you know my thoughts on the pistachio flavour (I will do that later) because I’m just so in love with this flavour of protein powder.

Honestly, if you’re a marzipan lover, you are well and truly in for a treat!

Rating: 5/5

You can find the limited edition flavours here.

Amy-Kate x

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  1. Cate
    Cate says:

    Hey, nice review. Have you tried the pistachio yet, how is it??? Would be glad to hear from you, I’m thinking about ordering it. Thanks!

    • Amy-Kate
      Amy-Kate says:

      Hi Cate, I have tried the pistachio, it was nice and I do still have it on occasion in my morning oats. I think it depends how much of a pistachio nut fan you are, I wouldn’t say the taste is quite pistachio-y enough for me but it’s still a nice flavour! Amy-Kate x


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