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Recently I completely lost all my motivation to workout, I just didn’t feel like venturing out in to the cold and dark and getting myself to the gym.

Getting myself up and ready for a big weights session started to feel like a chore and to be quite frank I felt like my passion for bodybuilding and fitness had started to ebb away.

I just didn’t care anymore and it felt weird. I still wanted to look good (who doesn’t) but my head just was not in it. I found this really quite disconcerting as I am normally a really motivated person but I found myself shying away and convincing myself to stay at home instead.

How I got my motivation back

I take it that if you’re here reading this you’re probably feeling a little lack-lustre yourself? Maybe you’re even feeling a bit down and depressed?

The good thing is you haven’t lost all motivation because you’re here! You’re looking for something to spur you back on, right? You want to get that motivation for the gym back, so that’s a start.

We have the spark for our fire and now we just need the fuel.

Firstly, allow yourself a break

I say allow because that’s how it feels – going to the gym regularly for me requires some level of discipline, therefore not going requires some level of mental acceptance that it is OK not to. I think that’s important to acknowledge. If you’re not feeling it maybe your body is crying out for a rest. It’s OK and beneficial to have a break, but try to not get stuck there.

Give yourself a week off or two weeks but commit to a return date and make sure you go for that day.

Your return date

Following on from the above point, once you’ve set yourself a return date don’t expect to go all guns blazing on that day. Chances are the date will arrive and you still feel as meh as before, but you’ve had your break so now is the time to kick your ass. You’re going to the gym, no excuses buddy but just keep this little saying in your mind:

Softly, softly, catchee monkey

If you go and you feel rubbish, that’s fine, just do what you can do. Even if it’s just 20 minutes. That 20 minutes is better than nothing. Set yourself mini-goals:

  • Today I’m going to do 20 minutes weights, 10 minutes cardio
  • In a few days I’m going to do 20 minutes weights, 15 minutes cardio

Whatever they are, keep them small and obtainable, and increase them slowly.

Trying something new

I decided to get my love back I needed to try something different. My routine has been entrenched in morning cardio and evening weights for so long that I felt like I need something different. I turned up to some Saturday morning circuits with Julie Aloy at Performance PT in Lincoln. Metabolic work is demonic to me but I really enjoyed it, and being in a group made it a bit more sociable too.

See if there are any classes that take your fancy, and maybe see if you convince a friend to come to? Or why not try something completely different, like going for a long walk or swimming?

Listen to your body

I do truly believe if I listened to my body too much I’d be wrapped up in a duvet eating chocolate, by a warm fire for the entirety of winter. But there is something to be said in acknowledging how you are feeling. I have some ongoing issues across my hormone profile that I am aware of, so if I’m having a prolonged period of low feelings I can associate it to this. By understanding my body and what’s happening it makes it easier for me to support it.

If you’re feeling demotivated there may be some physiological factors at play. Particularly during the winter months you may actually be Vitamin D deficient, or perhaps your hormones are slightly out of whack this month?

It’s always worth getting an appointment at your doctors and making sure there is nothing to be worried about. In the meantime it might be worth picking up some generic multivitamins or some Vitamin D3 (I use NowFoods Vitamin D3) until you have a better idea of what is going on.

So in summary my key recommendations for getting on track are:

  • Give yourself a break, but make sure you set yourself a return date
  • Take your time, there’s no need to rush back in to a full blown routine, small accomplishments are better than nothing
  • Try something new, like a new routine or classes
  • Listen to your body, and make sure there is nothing physiologically wrong

Amy-Kate x

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