So what is the Actifry?

Healthy friers launched on to the kitchen gadget market in the last few years and have garnered a cult following of dedicated fans ever since.

The Actifry is reasonably priced, but not the cheapest on the market, so I did a fair amount of research before I paid my pounds.

I looked at a number of different options, such as the Breville Halo, but ultimately the Actifry stood out as to me it seems to reliably produce better results versus competitor products.

The Actifry comes in two different sizes but both have a large capacity which is important if you’re preparing meals for a family or several meals in advance. Using smaller machines means cooking in batches – I just don’t have the patience!

As you can see by the pictures our Actifry is showing a few signs of wear but we use it every day, often several times a day.

We use it for so many different things including:

So it really has withstood a battering, and as yet, not once have we had any problems with it.

Is it worth the money?

For me absolutely! In fact I love it that much I will shortly be looking to purchase a newer model as I want to get a Black edition to match our new kitchen,

If you want to try and make some of your meals a bit healthier in an easy way then the Actifry is for you. The fact that you can just leave the machine whirring away and busy yourself elsewhere is a huge bonus. There is so much more you can do with this machine if you’re willing to spend a bit of time experimenting.

I honestly don’t think I could stick to my healthy eating without my Actifry chips, I think I might be addicted.


  • The paddle, lid and pan are all dishwasher safe
  • Healthier way of cooking foods
  • You can cook “normal” foods too like frozen chips, meats, sausages etc
  • It’s safe, quick and easy to use


I don’t think it’s fair to provide nothing but a glowing report so here are some things of note that you should be aware of:

  • The design is maybe a little modern for some kitchens – it would be really cool if Tefal did an edition with a more traditional design
  • It can be quite loud but not any more than say a small vacuum cleaner
  • Ours is never 100% clean – you have to accept that anything with oil involved can get a bit “baked on” over time
  • The chips are not like “normal” chips, they have less oil and so taste less “fatty”, you’ll soon get used to it though

Best deals for buying

There are a few different models to choose from:

Hopefully you have found this review useful with some tidbits from a Actifry addict…

Amy-Kate x

PS. Good luck in your healthy cooking endeavours!

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