Yes I know it’s only November but if you’re anything like me Christmas is looming over you like a billowing cloud of fairy lights, jingling bells and reams of sellotape.

I adore Christmas, it’s such a lovely time of year spent with my favourite people. But present buying can be a little tricky especially if, like me, your boyfriend, friends and family are also gym loving fitness fanatics!

No matter if you’re looking to spend or splurge here are some gift ideas for your lovely bodybuilding, gym rat or fitness freak buddy.

Stocking fillers for gym lovers

I love putting together Christmas stockings! My heart fills with woozy good memories of chocolate coins, tubes of smarties and little sparkly things.

Here are some smaller and cheaper present ideas for gym goers:

Protein bars

Ah protein bars! The savior of any chocolate fanatic’s diet. My personal faves are Grenade Carb Killas, but there are plenty on the market including Snickers and Mars Protein bars. Protein bars are relatively low priced, so get a couple and throw them in as little extra gift or stocking filler.

Mio Workout Wonder gel after gym gel

My friend gifted me a bottle of Mio Workout Wonder gel a few years ago, and it’s now something I use fairly regularly. This gel is perfect for using if I’ve got any aches or pains after the gym. It is really refreshing with a nice cooling effect to help me recover quicker.

Nut butters

I adore Dr Zaks peanut butters, I have to hide it from myself or I will consume the entire jar in one sitting! Monster Supplements have a nice little selection including my personal fave white chocolate and coconut!

If you can’t get hold of these any top brand peanut, almond or cashew butter is likely to be a hit. Nowadays there is plenty to choose from too so there’s a flavour for every discerning taste.

Zero cal syrups

As I have written about before, I love zero or low calorie syrups, I use them for everything including as a pancake topping and in my coffee. As long as the person you’re buying for isn’t adverse to sweeteners these make a great little prezzie that’s sure to be appreciated.


This can be tricky, but if you can peak in their cupboards you might be able to get an idea of what daily supplements they take and get some to stock them up. This is really down to personal preference but to give you and idea I take and recommend for women:


Yes this is lame, but honestly buying decent tupperware can get expensive, especially if you’re like me and leave them all over the place by accident. You can never have enough of good quality tupperware!

Clip and lock are definitely the way to go and you can pick up plenty of nifty little sets without breaking the bank.


For some reason protein shakers are a bit like hair grips – you either have too many to count or you can’t well find one when you need one!

There’s some pretty cool ones nowadays You can’t go wrong adding another one to the collection, this Black and Gold shaker from The Protein Works will add a bit of bling to their gym bag.

Main presents for gym lovers

There are so many options here that I’m going to concentrate on some presents you perhaps haven’t thought of yet.

Tefal Actifry

I could easily write an entire post on my love for the Actifry. This is one of our most used kitchen gadgets and it was an absolute god send during diet prep. I can’t explain it, even with no oil this just makes things taste BETTER!

No matter what the season this little beauty turns the ordinary in to extraordinary. You might think this is only useful for chips, but we use it for all sorts, courgetti, Mediterranean vegetables, and sweet potato. We use it for sweet things too like cinnamon sugared apples.

My pick: I’d go for the smaller (and cheaper) 1.2k g model ( and then upgrade later if you need the bigger 1.5kg size .

Wifi scales

Any serious gym goer tends to be someone who keeps an eye on the scales. If your loved one treats their diet and training like a scientific experiment digital wifi scaled might be a good addition to their health tech.

Digital weighing scales are not new to the market but every year the technology gets more and more impressive, these products integrate with iPhone and android apps to make keeping track even more simple.

My pick: Nokia Body+ Wifi Scales (approx £69)


OK maybe a bit of a cop out but I don’t know anybody in the gym who would not appreciate a new pair of trainers. You can get a decent pair from £40 upwards so there should be something to suit your budget. Plus you can always get something to fit your beloved’s style whether classic or contemporary.

Health DNA

DNA testing for health and genetic traits is a new snazzy way of making diet and training even more specific. If the recipient hasn’t had this done already it might be a cool gift that they maybe haven’t thought of buying themselves.

DNA testing my pick: Living DNA Ancestry (approx £99 normally £129)

Blood testing

Blood testing may seem like a strange gift but for anyone taking their fitness seriously will appreciate the opportunity to understand how their body is performing. Particularly amateur and professional bodybuilders who are pushing their bodies to extremes and need to keep an eye on their overall health.

Regular blood testing can be out of reach for some to have done on a regular basis but this is now become more and more accessible. A bit of an odd present, but I’m sure it would be appreciated by those who are taking their health, training and diet seriously.

Blood testing my pick: Medichecks Essential Fitness Check (approx  £99)


So hopefully that’s given you some ideas, or at least got your mind thinking through some possibilities! Have you got any suggestions? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Amy-Kate x

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