It’s been a while since I’ve written anything more “chatty”, mainly because at the minute I’m maintaining my weight, diet and training so I’ve got nothing much to report to you. But I just felt like talking a little bit about my arch nemsis… the cold.

I’m not an out right cold weather hater, for one, I love winter fashion, and two, I love being snuggled up in the warmth. However, it is so difficult to get motivated when it’s cold outside! Even more so to get to the gym and exert yourself.

I’m sure none of you have been able to ignore that in the UK these past couple of weeks have been bitter. Thanks to a nice little polar vortex split we had some bouts of rain, ice and snow. Not unsual for February, but enough for me to want to keep my little toes inside.

Unfortunately, and disappointingly, hibernation for humans isn’t a good idea, apparently we’re just not built for it. So onwards we must go, and into the wild and cold we must continue.

I’ve managed to drag my chubba down to the gym a few times, but the struggle is real. I’ve really had to mentally challenge myself to get motivated. One tactic I’ve used for this is:

Don’t think, just do

The principle being, you don’t allow yourself, and your little excuse-making-demon, to knock you off track, you just do what you need to do without thinking about why or when or how.

So in practical terms, when I get home from work, I don’t give myself chance to sit on the sofa I go straight upstairs and get changed in to my gym clothes, then try to keep myself busy til it’s time to go to the gym.

This works to an extent but it has its limits for example last night I  spent 20 minutes sat on the stairs idly scrolling through Pinterest before I managed to convince myself to go.

Another two tactics I have are; stealing my boyfriends larger and warmer hoodies, and drinking a hot black coffee to get myself in the spirit.

Luckily when I’m at the gym I’m fine and ready to get that work out in, I think just getting there that is a battle of will.

I planned in a while ago that I’d start morning cardio next week so we’ll see how well that goes. I’ve still being cycling to work most days so it shouldn’t be too much of a physical strain but the thought of a 5:45 wake up call is horrifying in this weather.

For now I’m off to get my extra zzz while I can!


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