A lot of people are really coy about their diet and training. Most of the time this is with good reason – if someone has paid a PT or coach for their advice, training and diet plan why would they share it with you for free?

That said, I also know a lot of people are just interested to know what kind of foods you can incorporate in a diet. Everybody has their own ideas, and their own personal preferences – for example, I have Oral Allergy Syndrome, so I have a number of food allergies I have to work around.

I’m hoping in sharing my current diet plan it may help you come up with some ideas and a general outline of what you might be able to do yourself. I’m not a PT and I don’t have any qualifications for nutrition this is just what I have learnt a long the way from my own trials with my own body!

Go straight to the bottom of this page if you prefer a summary.

Meal 1 – 7:00

30g Oats + 1 Scoop Whey protein + 20g Cashews

I microwave my oats for 2 minutes and leave to cool for a few minutes. I pre-mix my scoop of protein with a little bit of water then I combine my porridge and whey aka PROATS!

I sometimes swap my cashews for an equivalent calorie amount of peanut butter.

My favourite protein powders are:

Meal 2 – 10:00

120g potato + 115g turkey mince (5%) or 150g Quorn Pieces + Mushrooms, courgette or similar

I take no shame in admitting I LOVE my actifry chips, so my 120g potato are normally done in this way – I even wrote a blog post about why the Actifry is worth the investment!

I swap my turkey mince for the equivalent calories of quorn or chicken depending on how I’m feeling (sometimes I go off meat for weeks at a time!).

I mix up my mushrooms and courgette as needed – I always try to pick low calorie veg like green beans or broccoli for example, but off season I’m not too strict and will have aubergine, peppers and onions too.

Snack – 12:30

Low calorie chocolate bar/treat (Max 150 calories)

Like most humans, I have a deep love affair with chocolate. So in off season I factor in a little treat every day. I try and make sure this is well under 150 calories. So not a full on chocolate bar, but something a bit tamer! Marks and Spencers and Boots both do some great low calorie chocolate options, go and have a look or you can check my blog post on low calorie chocolate snacks for more ideas!

Meal 3 – 14:00

30g Oats + 1 Scoop Whey protein

Oops there they are again. OK I love my proats, and we have a microwave at work so this is a super simple meal I can make quickly without taking too much time out of my work schedule!

Normally I’ll have one flavour whey in the morning and another flavour for this meal.

Meal 4 – 16:30

20g Cashews + 1 Rice cake

Just plain old rice cakes – for me I love the crunch so I don’t mind having them plain but you could swap the 20g Cashews for the equivalent calories of peanut butter if that’s more your thing!

Meal 5 – 19:30

180g White Potato + 115g Lean Beef Mince + Mediterranean Vegetables, Mushrooms and Onions

This is by far my favourite meal! I have an embarrassing amount of seasonings and that means this meal can be real flexible – I can make it mexican inspired or BBQ or peri peri. If I need to I swap the beef for quorn mince, and again I’ll mix up the vegetables depending on how I’m feeling.

And yep you guessed it I Actifry my chips (here’s a super easy recipe).

Meal 6 – 21:00

1 Rice cake

Sometimes I don’t have this last rice cake, I just put it in if I feel like snacking later at night. Like I say this diet is a bit more flexible, because in off-season there is much more room for manoeuvre!

I’m in “off season” so I abide to this diet plan 5 days of the week and then I have 2 high days for my leg/back training days. This works for me, and I keep a bit of flexibility and have meals with my boys until I’m ready to cut and diet down again!

Personally, I like to keep my diet uber simple, because I just find it much easier to stick to, I try and keep my protein sources varied and make sure I’ve got a nice range of vegetables to get essential vitamins and minerals.

This meal plan is quite flexible – my aim is to keep the calories about the same every day and keep my macro split equal between fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Just remember you need to make sure you tailor your own calories to your own goals!

Below is the diet in summary format just in case you find that easier to read!

So hopefully you found that useful and maybe it’s given you some ideas on what you can include in your diet!

Summary diet

Meal 1

30g Oats

1 Scoop Whey protein

20g Cashews

Meal 2

120g potato (I actifry mine)

115g Turkey Mince (5%) or g Quorn Pieces

Mushrooms, courgette or similar


Low calorie chocolate bar/treat (Max 150 calories)

Meal 3

30g Oats

1 Scoop Whey protein

Meal 4

20g Cashews

1 Rice cake


Meal 5

180g White Potato (I actifry mine)

115g Lean Beef Mince

Mediterranean Vegetables, Mushrooms and Onions

Meal 6 

1 Rice cake

Amy-Kate x

This post is not sponsored and reflects my own personal honest opinion however affiliate links are used to support the running costs of this blog where appropriate!

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