Silken Tofu Mousse / Yogurt Recipe with MyProtein Flavdrops

I am always on the look out for lower calorie, high protein snacks and desserts that sate my appetite. This recipe takes 10 minutes and is so easy it almost feels a little ridiculous to share it, but here we are!

Nutella Crème Patisserie Custard Recipe – Perfect Custard/Cream for Filling Doughnuts

This Nutella crème patisserie is perfect for filling doughnuts, or to use as a modern twist to Portuguese Egg Custard Tarts (Pastéis de Nata).

Easy Protein Pancakes Recipe (no banana)

I’m not going to lie I got a little addicted to these oh so simple protein pancakes a year or so ago. They are easy, quick and tasty, perfect as a post work out snack, and you don’t need banana!

How to make easy peasy Tefal Actifry air fryer chips

The Tefal Actifry is one of my most cherished kitchen gadgets. Without this little babe there is no way I would be able to stick to my diet and healthy eating regime.

Lincolnshire Sausage Oak Smoked Bacon Davidstow Cheddar Cheese Plait

Lincolnshire sausage, Davidstow cheddar cheese and oak smoked bacon plait recipe

I used the basic idea from various sausage plait recipes and combined them to make this glorious sumptuous beast of a main course. This calorific joy is not for the faint hearted and should probably be reserved for special occasions!

Cauliflower Protein Pudding Mousse Low Carb Low Fat High Protein Recipe  

Cauliflower Protein Pudding Mousse Low Carb Low Fat High Protein Recipe  

I’ve really struggled with finding simple desserts that are low calories, low fat and low carb whilst I reverse diet. I don’t want to bump my calories up to normal levels just yet so this little beauty satisfies my sweet cravings for under 200 calories!