Here you will find blog posts specifically covering the topic of female fitness and tips and tricks to motivate you in your goals and aims in the gym!

As an amateur female bodybuilder myself I know how difficult it can be to get motivated and get to the gym. Work, children and general life responsibilities often mean that working out and fitness can’t be a priority in many women’s lives.

I hope you find this content helpful in working out how to achieve your fitness goals and aims.

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Review: A trip to Hotpod Yoga in Lincoln

I've been wanting to try Yoga for such a long time but where I live it never seemed to be at convenient times or places. Now I work remotely my lifestyle is much more flexible so it seemed the perfect time to try something new.
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2019 UK Bikini, Fitness and Bodybuilding Competitions

There are plenty of shows to choose from in the UK, there will definitely be a category for you whether you're a seasoned competitor or a this is your first show.
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What is a Flexitarian Diet and Can It Work For Bodybuilding?

I wanted to reduce my meat intake but I couldn't just cut meat out; as an amateur bodybuilder I need my protein to help me hit my goals. Plus, we're a household that loves our steak so the chance of us giving it up entirely was very slim indeed!